Monday, July 6, 2015

How to simply manage multiple user profiles in Chrome

If you have multiple Google accounts, Chrome's profile management feature is really useful.

Chrome’s multiple profile feature provides an easy way for multiple people or accounts to use the same browser without worrying about accounts conflicts or having to constantly sign in and out of Google profiles.

For example, if you own a personal Gmail account as well as Google Apps Gmail for your business, you can add multiple accounts within a user profile window. When you click one of a profile, it will open a new window.

However, current profile management feature is cumbersome as you need to click a profile on the upper right position of the bar and click Switch person link.  And then, in a user profile management pop-up window, you need to select a user profile to create a new window.

Did you know that there is a way to avoid multiple clicks and further make it easier to access to your profiles in two clicks?

As you see below screenshot, if you click a photo icon, it will expand to show all google accounts within a comprehensive way.  And you can simply tick one of profile to open a new window. Simple and comprehensive, isn't it?

In order to enable this, open a new tab in your chrome browser. Enter chrome://flags in your address bar.

And then, you will visit Chrome’s Experimental feature page to find 'hidden advanced settings of your chrome browser.  You can get all new features which didn't officially release and further adjust chrome configurations.  Please note that this is advanced menu so be cautious before you establish any changes as it will affect your entire chrome environment.

Press Ctrl-F and Search for "Enable new profile management system" and change setting to Disabled.

Now, click 'Relaunch Now' button at the bottom of the screen.  It will close your chrome browser and reopen and you can see your profile photo on the left side.

About the Author: Harry is a certified Google for Work sales, change management mastery and Google for Education trainer. Harry is also a Google Site experts and a creator of Google Street ViewTM Movie maker service.

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