Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bulk add users in Hangouts Chat list

Currently, there is no way in Hangouts interface to see all of your google apps domain users in my Hangouts/ Chat list.  Each time you create a Hangouts chat you have to manually add the users as of now.

However, there is a workaround. You can achieve the goal by bulk adding of hangout users.

Here are the steps:

1. In your Google Contacts, download an email list by csv file. For example, ff you want to download your google apps domain users. You can go to 'Directory' and add users to my contacts and export as a csv file.

2. Revert back to the old Google chat user interface. Go to your Hangouts and then click on 'Revert old chat'.

For more information on that, please refer to our Google Help Center article at

* Note: If your google apps super admin has turned on Hangouts and prevent users to switch back to old chat, admin has to allow by checking on "Hangouts chat or Google Talk" For more info,

3. After that, you can bulk add your users by clicking on the drop-down arrow on your status and then 'Add contact'. There you can add all your users separated by commas.

Note: Invitation will be sent to your google apps users. However, you can prevent this by ticking on "Automatically accept invitations between users within YOURCOMPANY" within the Google Apps admin console. (Go to Apps > Google Apps > Google Talk/Hangouts > Advanced Settings)

4. After you do that, you can revert back to Hangouts and all these users will appear in your Hangouts list.

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