Monday, February 9, 2015

5 Essential Outlook Tips for Google Apps users

Google Apps is a 100% web-based application so user can run the app without installing any software. Just login with your credentials to check your email, write a document, schedule an event or many others.

However, there are still many users who want to keep using Microsoft Outlook since it provides familiar and more functions in advanced user interface than the web gmail.  Here are five tips for Outlook Fans who want to make the most of Google Apps.

1. Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook; GASMO

Instead of follow steps to configure IMAP/POP3 settings for your email, GASMO enables you to create a new google apps profile and sync the Google Apps data such as Gmail, Calendar, Contacts.

Please note that GASMO supports only Windows platform and compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2003 or above.

Reference: GASMO website

2. Hangout Plugin for Microsoft Outlook

With Google's Hangouts plugin, you can easily start a Hangout with just a few clicks in Outlook, or you can set up a schedule.  Once plugin installed, You can find Hangout menus in Home.  The tool also can be installed on Outlook 2007 or later version in Windows environment.

Reference: Google Hangout Plugin for Microsoft Outlook website

3. Undo Send

If you use the 'Undo Send' function in Gmail, sending email can be cancelled within 30 seconds.  If you wish to use such feature in Outlook, You can just use the 'Rules and Alerts' feature in Outlook (Home > Rule > Rules and Alerts). Canceling an e-mail sent through the delay settings for sending messages like this screenshot can be done. :)

* SIDE NOTE: Did you know that you can also set up automatic CC/BCC on all emails that you send? See below screenshot as an example.

4. Send Email As

If you use multiple email aliases in addition to the email address you use in Gmail, you can also 'Send Email as' in Outlook.  When you compose an email, you may find From and choose email address from a drop-down.

5. Canned response

If you enable 'Canned Response' feature in Gmail Labs, you can easily  frequently bring used email scripts and send.  With the 'Text Box Gallery' of Outlook, you can implement the same 'Canned Response' feature of Gmail.  On a new email, Highlight portion of your email phrase. Go to Insert and click 'Save Selection to Text Box Gallery' under Text Box.

The five tips above represent just a sample of amazing tricks you can customize your Outlook experience.  If you have any comments or questions regarding this post, please notify me via the 'Contact Form'.

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